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AN elderly Italian man got a somewhat unwelcome amazement when he requested an escort – and his child’s better half turned up.

The 70-year-old from Treviso, a city in the northern locale of Veneto, employed the escort from the neighboring town of Vicenza.
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Be that as it may, to his stun, it was his 40-year-old child’s South American sweetheart who touched base at his home, The Local detailed, refering to Italian daily paper Il Gazzettino.

Red-confronted, the match declined to take the experience facilitate and quickly went separate ways.

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The man contemplated whether to tell his child that the lady was not the server she had asserted to be, as it would mean uncovering his utilization of the escort benefit.

However, he chose genuineness was the best approach, inciting a sharp battle between the combine.

The occurrence, which happened four years back, became known as of late amid a court hearing, after the child chose to sue his dad for wounds.

Be that as it may, the hearing was put off by the judge after unsuccessful endeavors to get the combine to offer some kind of reparation.